Alta Group

We help enterprise health + fitness organizations harness the power of technology to go farther, faster.


Solve complex business challenges, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth through our technology solutions.

Management Consulting

Operator business consulting, project management, payment solutions, and workflow analysis

Software Product Consulting

New products, story review, product roadmaps, requirements gathering, and product/development teams structuring

Fractional CX Services

Executive-level strategic oversight and execution of technology solutions

We believe that the right combination of technology and operational excellence is the path to achieving all of these.

Our Difference


Enterprise Fitness + Technology Industry Experts

We have a deep knowledge of and experience in both the fitness industry and enterprise fitness technology.


Boutique Firm

We have the ability to flex with our clients, creating solutions specific to their goals, current challenges and budget.


Product Agnostic

You are our client. We want to get you successfully transitioned to technology solutions that serve your business best.

Established by fitness and technology industry veterans, our boutique firm bridges the gap between the unique needs of our clients and the capabilities of the technology they are working with.